First Server

Where you work and how you work is constantly changing. Want to work on the go while helping keep your data protected? You can. We can help

We start with your business goals

Small and midsize companies are often thought to be the growth engine of the economy. As market conditions improve, these companies need to assess the critical factors necessary to support growth. The common “growth ingredients” are people, processes, and technology.

Cost-effective approach to growth

Over the past few years, we have all learned a lot about doing more with less and being smart about keeping costs down. At the same time, many small companies conduct their day-to-day business processes via methods that are not reliable or secure. This adds stress to business owners when they:

  • Worry that they could lose their important data if their computers go down.
  • Feel trapped in the office because that is the only place they have access to the important information they need.
  • Hear a lot about the cloud but are unsure of how to take advantage of this technology.
A solution to solve the problem

To address growing data and storage needs, and to support the increasing number of employees who work remotely using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, many experts agree that a top priority for small companies should be to add a server to their existing IT infrastructure.

The reasoning is simple. A server can help you achieve your business goals by:
  • Providing you with enhanced data and computer protection.
  • Giving you and your team the freedom to work wherever you are most effective and still have access to the information and documents you need from an Internet-connected location or device.
  • Enabling small businesses to compete in a global marketplace by taking advantage of cloud technologies.

Believe it or not, taking the simple action of adding a server to your IT infrastructure can deliver amazing benefits to your company.

How it works

Microsoft gives small businesses the power to grow, through an integrated approach that protects your data, promotes flexible work styles, and simplifies your path to the cloud.

Automation is possible thanks to the affordable and powerful-yet-simple Windows Server 2012 Essentials, specifically designed with small businesses in mind. A central server can automate important activities like:

  • Online data backup and protection of computers.
  • Sharing and organizing business documents among team members.
  • Running line-of-business applications and providing remote access to data from any Internet-connected location or device.

All of this will allow you to spend less time and money worrying about technology and more on satisfying your customers. can provide you with a robust Microsoft solution for data and computer protection to help you secure your business without a lot of hassle. The solution offers simplified, automatic back ups; built-in disaster recovery with Microsoft’s online back-up service; and centralized IT management through a single, IT dashboard.

Promote flexible work styles

We understand the importance of productivity. Organizing and sharing your business documents not only will help team members work more efficiently and save time, but also will help save money.

Windows Server 2012 Essentials has therefore been designed to work extremely well with popular line-of-business applications.

Simplify your path to the cloud

The cloud represents a huge opportunity for small businesses to compete in today’s marketplace by reducing infrastructure investment costs and increasing business agility. We can help take the mystery out of the “cloud” and show you how an integrated solution works.

For example, when used with Office 365, Windows Server 2012 Essentials gives you a variety of security-enhanced, cloud-based collaboration options, while providing a single, easy-to-use dashboard from which to manage them all. You can work seamlessly with the programs you know and use most, including Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

How can help

The next step in understanding how a server can help your business is to assess your current environment: your computers, applications, and network. From there, we can provide recommendations for an IT roadmap that leads into the future, so your IT will support your business as you grow.

We can help you all along the way to ensure that you and your team are well prepared to support your next wave of growth.