Microsoft System Center Private Cloud Evaluation Resources

For details about features and business benefits of System Center 2012 SP1, see the  product details page.

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Getting Started

  • Private Cloud System Requirements
  • Private Cloud Guided Labs This series of immersive walk-throughs of a typical private cloud setup and configuration make it easy to understand the steps to architect and implement a private cloud in your own organization.
  • Private Cloud Whitepaper: Making it Real A private cloud provides a more effective way to deploy, use, and manage VMs, applications, and other IT resources on hardware that’s dedicated to a single organization. Microsoft’s private cloud technologies, embodied in System Center 2012 and Hyper-V, make this possible. This paper provides a big-picture overview of this technology, explaining what it is and why it’s useful.

Evaluation Guide

This System Center 2012 evaluation guide provides an overview of the benefits of a server-based small business solution, presents scenario walkthroughs, and provides references to additional resources.

Technical Evaluation Process

Deploy & Manage

System Center 2012 Component VHDs and Virtual Labs